Committee minutes 16 Jan 2010

Casa Lavender. 16:01:10. 10.30am

Present: Te Ruinui Hiroki, Mereana and John Goodwin, Margaret Smith, Piripi Aspinall, Hohepa Haenga, Wiremu Hiroki, Graham Hillman, Meng Foon, Cushla Tangaere-Manuel, John Hoani and Matiria Manuel, Te Paea Hiroki, Colin Rickard, Ethel Goldsmith

Apologies: Adrienne and Jocelyn Hillman, Makere Haenga, Rex Rickard. Marylyn Nalder, Kaitu Hiroki, Hohepa Hiroki, Bretta Moriss, Lynette Hiroki, Crete Dingley, James Barnes, Hune Hiroki, Charlie and Jackie Walder. Nga tamariki a Tio Manuera Lima, Betty Noble, Te Puia Rangihuna, Roger Haenga, Ethel/Makere.

Late arrivals: James and Aunty Maebe Barnes, Marylyn Nalder.

Nga take/ La tema.

Nga korerorero /Discusión.



There are two old accounts still running until closed.

Once closed any excess monies will get changed over to the new account.

Further information re moving of monies between accounts will be discussed in General Business

Motion: That the accounts be accepted



To date:

Cheque A/c $5249.92 Online Savings A/c


Old accounts

01 A/c $226.62

00 A/c $994.75




Twin Town agreement between Gisborne City and Valerdé del Majanó

Tabled and read by the gathered members. Mayor Meng Foon enlightened whanau members present on events and correspondence involved regarding the Twin Town agreement. He has corresponded with Mayor and has received correspondence in return with documents in Espanol. Mayor Meng made a request that the agreement documents be translated into te reo maori o Ngati Porou. The Twin Town Agreement would hence be tri-language/tri-partied.

It is up to us to decide the title for our agreement.

Motion: That we adopt the document of the twin town agreement between the municipalities of Gisborne and Valverdé del Majano, with minor amendments.




Acceptance of and seconding. Colin/Edda

Matters arising.

Updating whanau records.


No deadline set as yet. Cushla recommended that there be a deadline as the updating of the records requires only the submitting of one’s own line of new Josés. Whanau need to be constantly reminded / motivated to get their additions in by the (set) deadline.

$10 from each eligible member of the whanau to be in by the same date.

June 1st 2010.


Cushla will tap in to all (Maori media) sources for promoting the above. This would also be an opportunity to update where we are at.

Motion: That publicity begin immediately encouraging family to collate and submit

whakapapa to updated edition of Olive Branches. Submissions to be forwarded to Edda McCabe by June 1st 2010.




Programme for Spanish visitors 2010/2011.

Keeping in mind that we are at present awaiting a reply from correspondence sent to Primo Santiago Huertas, a tentative programme similar to the following has been previously discussed

Draft programme proposed by Mayor Meng Foon

Day 1. Meet and rest. Day 2. Official whakatau / Cup of tea

Whakanga. Sightseeing

Dinner Dinner.

Day 3. Up the Coast.



Signing of “Twin Towns” at “Olive Tree”

Hakari. Whakanga.

Mayor Meng will send a copy of proposed programme to Anne.

Accommodation arrangements.

Accommodation and dining arrangements will focus on our ope from Spain

The plan for other Josés is that they make arrangements for their own accommodation.

Motion: That any uri coming back for/to the Valverdé – Whanau José celebrations make their own arrangements regarding accommodation also food requirements outside of formalities.

(and) Kuhu yourselves. Edda/Colin.


Whakairo piece for the Embassy.

Ambassador Marcos Goméz spoke with John re a whakairo for the Embassy.

Discussion centred around: a piece for on a wall, a stand alone piece, a window surround. A piece symbolising the five wives.

James will be in Wellington and will korero with Marcos

about this.

Bank accounts.

There are two main bank accounts. Monies from the old accounts should be transferred to the cheque account.

Motion: That monies over$1000.00 in the Cheque Acc’t will be transferred to the Online Saver Account at the end of each month.



Meeting closed 1.10pm with karakia by James

Next hui…Tikapa (date to be confirmed)