Minutes 14 Feb 2010

Karakia: John Manuel Welcome: Hikihiki Banks.

Present: Bob McConnell, Graham Hillman, Rex Rickard, Colin Rickard, Ivy Green, Hikihiki Banks, Bobby Atkins, Ani Atkins, Marylyn Nalder, John and Matiria Manuel, Margaret Pepere, Rex and Mary Mayes, Ginger and Jackie Walker, Steve and Edda McCabe, Douglas Katae, Anne Maaka.

Apologies: Mereana Goodwin, Karen Haenga, Boycie Te Maro, Grace Green, Wally Atkins, James Barnes. John/Marylyn

Nga take/ La tema.

Nga korerorero /Discusión.



Acceptance of and seconding Marylyn/Edda

Matters arising.

Minutes themselves

Some people not getting email minutes.

Edda will check that people accidently deleted are


Twin town agreement

Amendments decided at our previous hui (Casa Lavender) not included in agreement sent to Cassidy to translate.

Cassidy is amending the agreement.


People have heard radio ad. Marae (T.V.) documentary programme hasn’t yet started for the 2010 year.

Cushla remains in control of Advertising.

Updating whanau records

Please note the Olive Branches is not being amended it is being updated.

Send updated whanau data to Edda. PO Box 2093, Gisborne. eddam@xtra.co.nz


Stand alone carvings, (so they are portable), which tell the story about our connection to Spain are what have been requested.

When people visit the Ambassador’s Residence or the Embassy they can see it (carving), in pride of place.

Requests put forward by whanau present…symbol(s) representing five wives, Olive tree, something from Spain eg the church where he was baptised, the East Coast specifically our part of the E.C. José himself.

José carvers known by whanau present: Mana Manuel, James Rickard, Heke Collier and of Ngati Porou descent. ? Bryant whose works are currently on exhibit at the Turanga nui a Kiwa Museum.

Let the carvers use their initiative to interpret/symbolise the story.

Motion: That Edda and Anne make contact with the carvers.

John/Rex Rickard.


José Crest and Artwork on the flag

At a previous José hui, Mayor Meng Foon talked about having a José crest. The crest on the flag has been used for letterheads. John Manuel has made enquiries regarding having another flag done. Edda contacted Flagmakers, Wgtn to do artwork on digital image taken off the original flag. This artwork of the crest will then be able to be used for:- letterhead, posters, etc. The changes that were made on the digital image were “the acute accent over the ‘e’ and the ‘castle quadrant’ was extended to give balance.”

Motion: That we accept the artwork with the amendments as shown.

John/ Ivy.



The crest design hasn’t been copywrited.

Motion : That we copy write the/our artwork on the Manuel José crest.



Accommodation. (and transport arrangements)

Accommodation and transport around Te Tairawhiti are being organised only for the visitors from Spain. hence the urgency for the $10.00-per-José-descendent donation fundraiser.

NB The $10.00 is not a registration.

Takaño the Spanish expression for being “tight fisted” was demonstrated by Edda and received with much hilarity.

Accommodation in Te Araroa could be available through Pauline Hovell

Olive Gordon (prima) has pencilled-in accommodation at her establishment. She hasn’t yet got back to Edda re prime season costs.

A matter raised with regards to marae accommodation… we may have to consider the age group of the visiting party.

Keep impressing upon whanau the urgency for the

$10.00 donation.

Those who would like marae experience kai te pai otherwise we will have to look at accommodating them elsewhere.

Accommodation at Pokai

With consideration to the size of Pokai and its facilities as at present, concern has been raised re its ability to cater for the number of people descending on the marae for two days.

Pokai whanau will meet to discuss these issues and report at our next hui.


0ne expense = flag artwork.

Balance of accounts to date… Cheque a/c $1000.00

Expense 253.13

On-line savings $4589.92 Old ac’s 01 $226.62

Money to bank 200.00 00 994.75

Individuals with drive are asked to take responsibility and chase up whanau for their contributions.

Correspondence: In


Registration form. Graham tabled an example of a registration form.

Hikurangi Maunga Hikoi costing. Transport costing. Motel accommodation.


Edda will develop.

Refer to GB.


Booking of Marae

The accommodating of whanau around the motu coming home for the José Celebration has been discussed at previous hui. The decision agreed on was that they “kuhu themselves”, however, there is still some concern. Namely that marae were booked for the José reunions so that homecoming folk had a place to sleep and have breakfast.

Reasons why this wasn’t being done this time are – focus is on our Spanish guests, – the function being planned is to commemorate/celebrate Manuél José’s alighting and setting up residence in TiKapa.

Prima Margaret Pepere has extended an invitation to all to “peka mai” ki Maatahi o te tau. Ko nga ra ko 2nd/3rd Hanuere 2011

Whanau returning for the celebrations are asked to book their own (home) marae for their own sleeping, breakfast arrangements.

Tangata whenua are asked to help at each marae our Spanish guests sleep on.

Marquee, porta loos.

Motel accommodation

(17 nights Whare kahika) for our visitors from Spain.

Three units sleeping five adults @ $188.82 per night = $9630.00

One unit sleeping 4 adults @ $173.82 per night = $2955.00

Three rooms sleeping 2 adults @ $110.00 per night = $5610.00

Total = $18195.00

Marae experience = sleeping on the floor. If they can’t do that then we accommodate ?


To Maunga Hikuranga

Transport for our visitors

Paora Brooking has sent some costing to Edda regarding our intentions to take our visitors up the maunga on New Years morning.

Mt Hikurangi guide & 4×4 (6 seater) $300.00

Extra 4×4 vehicles. (includes driver $200.00 If whanau provide their own 4×4 vehicles the only cost is a $ 50.00 track fee per vehicle.

The 4×4 hikoi to the Maui whakairo is a 4hour return trip. The recommended departure time is 10.00am with an envisaged return time of 2.00pm. A guide will provide korero of all the the carvings as well as the maunga around Hikurangi.

New Years day Ngati Porou uri free.

Visitors own 4×4 $100.00 per person.

Supplied 4×4 $130.00 per person

Members present voiced concern with his pricings as it has been known, apparently, that on

News Years day Ngati Porou uri have free access. It would be a good experience getting them up the maunga. We need to discuss this with Paora Brooking. Our visitors are not only coming to us they are coming to the community

A suggestion was made that Pohoutea be the maunga to see the NewYear in on.

Buses or 12 seater vans.

Mo Reedy Buses. Gis. Area.

2 days Bus 30 seats $1300.00 45 seats $1500.00 driver included.

East Coast.

15 days ” ” $13187.50 ” ” $13387.00 driver included.

We provide accommodation/meals for the driver.

Wbuses (estimates only –needs recalculating- inc GST & driver’s wages)

Gis area

24 seats $295.00 per day ($590.00 -2 days)

49 seats $315.00 per day ($630.00 -2days)

Outside of Gis.

24 seats $315.00 per day ($3465.00 -11 days)

49 seats $420.00 per day ($4620.00 -11 days)

$590 + $3465 = $4055 $630 + $4620 = $5250

Does not include accommodation and meals for driver.

Handy Gisborne Vans.

Can supply 12 seater vans (Ford Transit – with luggage cage)

Hire: $150.00 per day per van.—140km free daily—-excess .50c per km

Bond: $200.00 per van Insurance: $20.00 per day per van.

2 vans.

Hire: $300.00 per 14 days $4200.00

Insurance: $40:00 per day per 14 days 560.00

Bond: $400.00 refundable. 400.00



To consider & include: petrol and excess milage. Drivers = (clean licenses)

Write a letter to the CEO of the Runanga. We can perhaps make an offer to help with the breakfast.

Ani said she will make contact with Paora and look into this.

An itinerary can be sorted further on down the track.


Steve will donate. Someone can either pick it up from Casa Lavender when they next visit town or from Steve at the next hui.

Diana Burns wants to do a follow-up while present as an extra interpreter.

Meeting closed 2pm

Next hui…Tairawhiti. Rangitukia 14th March 11 am