Minutes 14 Mar 2010

Whanau José hui Te Tairawhiti 14:3:2010

Karakia: Welcome John Manuel

Present: Hikihiki Banks, Ani Atkins, Frances Manuel-Domb, John H and Matiria Manuel, Edda and Steve McCabe, Bella Grant, R Green, Rex Rickard, Marylyn Nalder, A. Bell, H.Maaka, Tipuna Tangaere, Nga-rongo-Toa Raroa, Morehu Te Maro,

Apologies: Doug Katae, Whanau no Kawakawa mai Tawhiti me Mātahi o te tau, Bunt Rickard, Maleina Te Kanawa, Apologies also to David green and Jack Hovell whose presences were not recorde at the Pokai hui.

Nga take/La tema

Nga korerorero/DiscusiÏŒn



Acceptance of and seconding

Ani / Matiria

Matters arising


Snail mail

Edda updates all new email. Majority of whanau with known email addresses receive email.

No response has been the result from this method of communication.

Edda will re-check email addresses.

Those of us who receive minutes via email are asked to please let whanau know.

Twin Town agreement

Cass has sent these through to Mayor Meng Foon who has in turn sent them on to Diana Burns for translation into te reo Paniora

Updating of whanau records.

There is a format to follow. This has already on the José web page. Response to date is slow.

Please contact whanau. Let them know.

José crest and flag.

Three types of format have been received and can be made use of .


The carvers were contacted. Four in all who responded favourably when initial contact was made. One has followed through since the initial contact.

Further contact to be made.

Motion: continue contacting carvers on members behalf.


Nga take/La tema

Nga korerorero/DiscusiÏŒn



Account balances to date Cheque — $1240.59

Savings — $4594.09

Nil expences.

Accepted: Frances/Ivy



For approximately

Twenty, (yet to be confirmed), manuhiri.

At Pokai.

Matua Boycie, “Pokai hearts want to do the best they can, though they have still, to focus on getting major renovations up and running.

Accomodation options: Hotel/motel Marae Billet.

Suggestions put forward for consideration…that we consider marae which can cater for a large number of people eg. Rahui, Hinerupe and that, perhaps, each area delegate a member/s to go around and tautoko the host marae. Rex/Aunty Aileen.

Make contact with marae committee chairpersons. John/Anne.\

Korero/confirm these suggestions at the next whanau hui.


Bus and van costs… refer to Pokai Hui minutes (14:2: 10)

Question…What bout the Haerewa Buses?

Consider a bus.

Driver accommodation for the duration.

They were also contacted.

Awaiting a reply from Mr Haerewa..


Bring a can to each hui

Remember, also, th $10. is not a registration fee. It is simply and entirely an easy form of raising funds to enable the whanau José to manaaki our whanau Espaňola.

Do our best to let our immediate whanauknow and keep reminding them about it.

Updating information.

Whanau are responding to the invitation to send in new additions however, like the fundraising, can the pace be picked up?

Please get hold of the format thus making it easy for recording

Meeting closed 2pm.

Next hui: Kutarere 11am. Sunday 18th April 2010.