Minutes 17 July 2010

Hui I Pokai TiKapa. Hinekopeka

July Saturday 17th 2010. 11.40am

Welcome & karakia Morehu (Boycie) TeMaro

Present: Marylou Manuel, Maharata Haenga, Grace Haenga, Margaret Pepere, Jackie and Ginger Walker, Matiria and John Manuel, Ngaro Raroa, Morehu TeMaro, Ngaire Haenga, Ivy Green, Richard and Lesley Fisher, Morgan Manuel, Wallace and Bobbie Atkins, Edda and Steve McCabe, Rob MacKenzie, Anne Maaka.

Apologies: Doug … keeps in our thoughts/prayers. Rex, Aunty Eileen Rickard, Ethel, Marylyn, Hikihiki Banks, Ani Atkins, Francis Domb


Acceptance of and seconding Matiria/Ivy.

Matters arising.

Upping the $10. koha to $20.

Morehu (Boycie) commented

“ We, (José whanau), are a bit mean with ourselves concerning Manaaki Manuhiri. There are approximately 16000 of us Josés.Some effort to koha/donate/contribute

$10 way back in the beginning of this year would have ensured that there was putea ready for envisaged requirements eg; accommodation, food, transport, gifts, other necessities.

Motion:that all future contributions from José descendants be $20 (twenty dollars), per wage earner or beneficiary, inclusive of those who have already contributed $10 (ten dollars).



Arrival of whanau

Los Espaňoles.

26th Dec to 7 Jan.

They will be asked to make their bookings right to Gisborne.

Find accommodation for 30/31 .It was agreed that our manuhiri be settled into a motel/hotel for those dates.


One whakairo in Torere has been completed by Heke Collier

It was brought to everyones notice that the carvings would be too big for manuhiri to return overseas with. Edda talked to Tony Manuel who will do carving for Spanish whanau and he has suggested a “waka huia”.

This suggestion was favourably accepted.


For Kutarere. It was agreed that the flag be left till later.

Manuel José website

Shane Beverly has upgraded the MJ website.

Left-over monies been used to pay for site www.manuel jose,


Still very much a long way to go.

Manuel José Descendants Society $1,490.00


List of manuhiri Espaňol from Eva

Email from journalist Amelia Martinez Lobo who is flying in to Gis Aug 14th to meet and start working with whanau.

Edda enlightened the members present regarding; the list of visitors,

Hicks Bay Motel pencilled booking, transport.

Corresponce from Eva was forwarded to Meng Foon thereby keeping him in the loop.


We have to get ourselves into gear so that we can treat our manuhiri with the best we can give them, (Boycie).

Wherever they are bedded we will have to provide kai, daily activities and entertainment.


Prima Margaret Pepere has taken this take into her capable hands. Please make contact with her regarding the Ball.

John has volunteered Rau’s assistance.

Preparing for the visit.

Ginger’s advice … we organise ourselves into groups and be responsible for a task.

List of tasks to do. (so far).

  • Motel bookings See Edda
  • Marae bookings John/Edda/Anne
  • Itinerary Edda/Anne/John
  • Meeting the manuhiri – who, where, when, where to.
  • GDC. (Mayor Meng Foon) What role are they playing and what will they be responsible for?
  • Transportation and drivers.
  • Providers of lunches/refreshments when group is “ on the road ”
  • Workforce for Hinekopeka, Pokai.
  • Workforce for O’Hine Waiapu.
  • Workforce for Hinerupe.
  • Entertainment.
  • Organising of/for bath towels, soap, shampoo and blankets for manuhiri mai Espaňol when they are accommodated on our marae.
  • Gifts –

Meeting closed with prayer by Boycie at 1.30pm

Next hui Pokai Sunday August 15th