Minutes 25 Sep 2010

Hui i Dalton Street, Turanga

Saturday 25th September.

Present. Rex Rickard, Colin Rickard, John and Matiria Manuel, Steve and Edda McCabe, George Raroa, Matewa Kaa, Moeroa Hovell, Ivy Green, Erana Ackroyd and son, Rob MacKenzie, Anne Maaka, Cushla Tangare-Manuel, Lynette Hiroki, Mereana Goodwin, Margaret Pepere, Rachael Pepere, James and Aunty Maebe Barnes, Marylyn Nalder, Hine Kohn, Liz Wilson,

Apologies: Emma Tuhura, Rito Rickard, Russell Manuel.


Nga take/la tema

Nga korerorero / discusión

Action / acción


There were no expenses during the month

(August 15th – September 25th 2010)

Balances… Cheque a/c $1120:00 including $40 on hand,

Online savings $6988.84

Long way short of target.


Acceptance of and seconding Edda/Ivy

Matters arising


Gifts. John reassured those present that progress re whakairo was positive.

Waka huia whakairo being done down South.

There is also an upright whakairo which is a movable piece.

On the maunga. The issue of copyright regarding photographing of the whakairo which stand on Hikurangi Maunga.

Further discussion to be had re deciding on venue/s for the presentation of the whakairo.

John will ask Paora about this take.

Arrival of whanau Los Españoles.

Meng put forward that Council Chambers is available for the pohiri. (see hui at Hinekopeka, 15:8:10)

At present we can’t make any confirmations re numbers at pohiri as we as yet have no idea, confirmation or otherwise information re flights booked. However dinner arrival night is sorted as well as parakuihi,

both of which will be picked up by the council. Council ideal for pohiri because there is a carving for the council. If they arrive at midday an official whakatau will at the Council.

Matters still be discussed/formalised/passed.

  • Because the mayor of Valverdé del Majanó is coming there’s an official situation to consider here.

eg. Kaumatua, interpreters, interpreters on the paepae.

  • Do the taonga whakairo be divided in that one is given at the Council pohiri and the others given in TiKapa?


As recorded in previous minutes motel bookings on the arrival night have been confirmed for 14 guests.

Whanau were informed that billeting was necessary.

Should we provide towels, blankets/duvets?

Motion: that payment for 14 guests be made to the Senator Motel.

Edda/Liz Wilson.

Cushla, George and Rob have volunteered accommodation.

Kia ora koutou.

We can ask them to bring their own sleeping bags and a couple of towels.

T.V. show 160 degrees.

James informed the hui that the Ambassador (Marcus?) has been in communication with 160 degrees. They will be sending their own crew.

From that it was understood that they would take care of their own welfare re accommodation etc.

GB. Thanks

To RNP for their wide broadcast because many heard of the hui.

To members and associates who have offered vans and accommodation.

To James for his generosity to sponsor the vans.

To attendees.

To John for his zeal in circulating hui and visiting whanau Español panui far and wide.


Provision of paper and ink for Anne and Edda.

John’s travelling to various rohe to keep them informed.,

Motion. 1. That Anne and Edda be reimbursed for ink and paper. Steve/Liz.

2. That John be given a sum of $200.00 for his travel expenses. Steve/Ivy.

$200.00 to be given to John before the meeting closes.

All in favour. Carried.

Programme i Matahi o te tau.

10:00am Pohiri. Tour up to and around the lighthouse. Lunch on the beach or at the marae if it’s too windy.

Guests can linger if they so desire. Tea perhaps at Matahi o te tau. (to be considered).


Have groups contribute, Colin in touch with Hal. Cushla in touch with Paul.

Groups for responsibility to be organised

Barbeque at the Fishing and Hunting club.

Manuhiri Españoles will be looked after. We bring our own bbq’s?

Leave these matters for the next hui.

It was suggested that we ask the TeAraroa folk to

be in charge of bringing

(their), bbqs to the venue.


Vehicles – John, Patrick T, Ginger.

George has a 4wheel drive which would be available for town.

Edda and Steve have a trailer available. Cushla will ask Anne T. for Runanga trailer. John will suss out E.C. trailer (possibly first choice as it is lighter).

James queried the likelihood of a Plan B should weather be contrary.

Drivers need to be sorted.

Discuss plan B at next hui.

Progress on closing ‘Old Accounts’

There are two other, (historical), accounts.

Does anyone have any knowledge of all the Office Holders?

Who is/was the

Office holder M. Rickard?

Meeting closed with prayer by John at 2.00pm

Next hui TeAraroa

Horoera homestead, 490 EC Road.

10.00am October 16th 2010.