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Hi Eva!!!

I just found this website and saw your message. WOW – that’s such nice feedback. I was there at the Marae “Pokai” in “Tikapa” where Jose planted his olive tree all those years ago and it’s still standing today!!! We made lunch for you all and it was the first time I saw the spanish side of our family 🙂 My grandfather “Boyce Morehu Te Maro” was the main speaker on this occasion both in the Marae and the dining room.

I guess growing up I was told stories about our apanish heritage, but never really thought I’d experience meeting you all in person. I was so happy to hear all the stories you guys shared with us and learn more about Jose and his Family.

I STILL want to learn more about you all!! I know there has been an invitation for us to come over to Spain in 2012, and I am extremely interested in coming!!

Unfortunately I don’t know all the details??? Would you be able to inform me?? Or is there a website set up with this information??

My email address is:

I look forward to your response 🙂