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Hi Nani & Shane

You fullas probably know where to send your whakapapa by now, but I thought I’d add this in case anyone else visits the site:

Send your whakapapa information to:- Edda McCabe

(Please write “Whakapapa From” and your “Name” in the SUBJECT.

Ensure you have a High Quality Virus Checker/Fire Wall AND virus check your stuff before you send it.

OR post to: PO Box 2093, GISBORNE 4040

Remember, they’re not reprinting or correcting Olive Branches (The Jose Whakapapa) so you won’t be able to buy a book – waah.

If you send Edda your email address, she can add you to the mailing list and keep you updated with all the meetings/minutes etc for the organising of the latest Jose hui. If you havn’t heard anything, you might be like me – I changed email address and forgot to forward my new details to Edda 🙁

Thank you Edda for keeping us in the loop with all the above information – Yay!