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    Kia ora,ko Audrey Grace-Renata ahau.
    Ko Hohepa Grace toku Koroua.
    Ko Ruby Ranapia toku Kuia.
    Like alot of our whanau,i am looking for answers,as to how we are connected.
    All we know or have been told,is that we come off the first wife Tapita.After that well???
    If anyone can help me i would be truly grateful.
    Kia ora.

    Triple M

    How closely r u related 2 Morehu Grace, His oldest Daughter was Arahia Grace who married Bill Whioke. Arahia was my Nan.

    My marae r Tuparoa and also wharepunga.. Im planning on going home 4 a reunion easter weekend @ wharepunga. Desendents from Morehu Grace down all welcome.

    Cant have 1 4 all graces holy crock would need a whole town 4 a reunion that big lol


    Najlepsza baza hoteli w polsce


    Kia ora wh?nau

    Ko Jamie-Ellen Hape ahau. My nanny was Peggy (aka Aroha) Grace (Kerehi) and she was the daughter of Joseph (Hohepa) Riley Grace. I too am looking for my wh?nau and would appreciate any information about other wh?nau or our marae. Unfortunately I was only able to meet my nanny once or twice before she passed and i was only young at the time.

    Ng? mihi mahana

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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