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    Kia Ora, Jose cousins,

    Today, seven days after my arrival in Spain, it seems to me a dream what I had with you during the days we stayed together.

    Every day since then I had you all in mind, every day I thought, it was the day to sit and write to you to share my feelings, but each and every one I went to bed without doing it. Why? Yes, because there are so many things I want to say, such a deep feelings I want to share, that I feared the “paper” wouldn’t be able to capture them. I’ll try it any way.

    This is a personal note, but I’m afraid I’ll be using the “we” most of the time, because the way I feel, I know it’s the way the rest of us, your Spanish Jose whanau feel and of course my sister.

    Since the first second when we arrived in Gisborne until the last moment when we departed from Rotorua, our days with you seem to me now a wonderful dream.

    I was impressed by what being a Jose means to you. I feel extremely honoured by those feelings. You shared with us the greatest thing you could share; you made us one of you when you opened the door of your sacred places, your Maraes, not only for us to see them, but to live in them. I just hope we deserved such an honour.

    Also we had the privilege to hear from you about Maui, Tinirau & his pet whale and many others. We could as well learn about the meaning of the impressive carvings and paintings that we have seen in your Maraes.

    You left behind your homes, your jobs, your daily tasks, even the other part of your family, to stay with us, to take care of us, to show us the land that one day, many years ago, it was Manuel Jose land.

    It is very difficult to find the words to express how grateful I’m to you. We all are.

    Thanks for every single second you present me, us, during the days when we learn what being a Jose is. I want you to know that we are taking this feelings with us sharing them with our friends, our colleages and of course the rest of the family. By now every one of them knows how special to us you are.

    Every one we met along the different days and places during our stay with you became someone very special to us, and be sure has already a place in my heart.

    The only thing I dare to say is that you have part of your family in this country on the other side of the world, and despite the distance we will manage to feel as close as if we were living just on the other side of the road.

    Just a few more words to tell you that the trip I did with my sister around the South island was great, we enjoyed very much your country.

    We’re already counting down the days for 2012.

    Lots of Love


    PD. I wish I had all the e-mails, I only have the ones I include in this note, but I would like to extend to each of the Joses that stayed with us my thanks and the feelings that made me have.

    By the way we have wonderful pictures, we’ll find the way to send them to you after all the ones from us are compiled.


    Wow what an awesome write up, Im very impressed.

    I dont know you and I dont know if you went to my home village called Kutarere as part of your trip in NZ but I it would be soooo cool if you posted some of your pics on the Manuel Jose Family Facebook group to share with the family.

    Take care


    Kia Ora y Saludos desde Nueva Zelanda,

    It is wonderful to read that you all had such a great experience and time here during your visit to NZ and to meet us ‘Joses’. I was sorry that I was not able to go to Gisborne and meet you all as work commitments did not allow me the time away however, I am aiming to go to Spain and visit Valverde del Majano as my late grandfather (a Manuel Jose descendant) didnt get the chance, It will be an honour to go there for him.

    Somos hay viven en otras partes del mundo pero lo que es mas mejor es que somos familia.

    Un gran abrazor desde Nueva Zelandia para todos ustedes en Espana.



    Hi Eva!!!

    I just found this website and saw your message. WOW – that’s such nice feedback. I was there at the Marae “Pokai” in “Tikapa” where Jose planted his olive tree all those years ago and it’s still standing today!!! We made lunch for you all and it was the first time I saw the spanish side of our family 🙂 My grandfather “Boyce Morehu Te Maro” was the main speaker on this occasion both in the Marae and the dining room.

    I guess growing up I was told stories about our apanish heritage, but never really thought I’d experience meeting you all in person. I was so happy to hear all the stories you guys shared with us and learn more about Jose and his Family.

    I STILL want to learn more about you all!! I know there has been an invitation for us to come over to Spain in 2012, and I am extremely interested in coming!!

    Unfortunately I don’t know all the details??? Would you be able to inform me?? Or is there a website set up with this information??

    My email address is:

    I look forward to your response 🙂


    Hola Kelly

    Hahaha I found you. They dont keep this website updated.

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