Updating Your Whakapapa


(We are Not correcting or re-publishing the previous Olive Branches publication)

Rules EVERY baby/child/adult from a José MUST BE RECORDED


Keep a copy of what you send to me (for checking, verifying & any queries)

PRINT – use black/blue biro (Print neatly. DO NOT USE BLOCK LETTERS)

TYPE – use Times new Roman 12 font size

FORMAT – One line per person’s information

– Descending order (Eldest to youngest)

– TWINS (Eldest twin first), e.g. H3.2.4/1(ma)


WHANGAI In/Out (if from a José identify with name of biological parent & code and tupuna kuia/koroua with their code, e.g. Maria Haenga, B2.3.4.1(whangai)

WHANGAI In/Out (if not from a José) add (whangai) after code

LEGALLY ADOPTED write (adopted) after code

D.N.I. (died no issue) If an adult dies without progeny, e.g. C1.2.4 (dni)

NAMES: Give FULL registered names of each person (nick names or known as names may be written in brackets after the FULL name – More names adds to print costs)

SURNAME, Christian names

  • Identify:- page no. in Olive Branches Book

  • Your tupuna kuia or koroua, e.g. Maraea Te Hake (wife no.5)

  • Your tupuna kuia or koroua

  • Your José parent name WITH their Code, e.g. H3

  • Your parent name WITH their code, e.g. H3h

  • Your OWN name WITH code e.g. if you are

child No. 2 your code is H3.2

Your spouse’s name WITH code, e.g. H3.2(w)

Your first child’s full name H3.2.1

Your second child’s full name H3.2.2

Frost, Margaret Mary H3

Frost, John George H3(h)

Frost, Frances Elizabeth H3.1

Joones, Mark H3.1(h1)

Joones, Kelsey Elizabeth H3.1.1

Jackson, James Boyd H3.1(h2)

Jackson, James Henry H3.1.2

Frost, Noel Albert H3.2

Purcell, Yvonne H.3.2(w)

Frost, Lesley Lorraine H3.2.1

Record birth parent/s to José offspring who share common parent within same family, e.g.

Manuel, Melissa Faye H3

Osbourne, Jeffrey H3(h1)

Osbourne, Katherine H3.1

Grey, Thomas Frederick H3(h2)

Manuel, William Henry H3.2

Richardson, Bryant H3(h3)

Richardson, Faye Queenie H3.3

Richardson, Rolleston Bryant H3.4

IF you don’t know the reference from Olive Branches book, do the following:-

Identify (Don’t worry about Coding).

Your great grandparents;

Your grandparents;

Your parents

Your brothers and sisters (in descending order and number each)

Highlight where you fit in the descending order

Follow the RULES.


w = wife ) Note “common law wife/husband” will not be identified as “partner”

h = husband )

wh = whangai

ad = adopted

dni = died no issue

m = mahanga

If you are recording the whakapapa on behalf of your family please group/envelope them in their separate groups.

Write your Name, address and contact details on a separate page and put it with your information.

Remember: Whakapapa is used in many areas. It is also used for Land ownership.

Below are some of the difficulties whakapapa recorders may confront from information provided:-

  • People with same names or parts of names across families

  • Names that are gender neutral, e.g. Korvaye; Jahneeshia

  • Undecipherable/illegible writing

  • Not following format required

Send your whakapapa information to:- Edda McCabe Email: eddam@xtra.co.nz

(Please write “Whakapapa from and your name” in the SUBJECT.

Ensure you have a High Quality Virus Checker/Fire Wall AND virus check your stuff before you send it.

OR PO Box 2093, GISBORNE 4040

Please copy these two sheets and Pass them Around to José whanau. Kia ora koutou. Edda