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Hola!!! Soy Marta, hija de Javier y de Beln residente en Espaa. La verdad es que no imagine que pudiera existir una historia como la vuestra, ya que desde hace un ao aprox. tengo la idea de irme a vivir a NZ en un futuro espero no muy lejano. Todo esto surgi desde que vi a los AllBlacks y empec a interesarme en vuestra cultura maori, y ahora descubro que no estamos tan alejados como cabria esperar con respecto a la distancia, sino que nos unen lazos de sangre (aunque sea muy lejana). No me quiero entretener ms, slo quera expresar la alegra y el orgullo que siento por esta agradable noticia y el respeto hacia vosotros. No me quiero enrollar ms. Si alguno de vosotros quisiera contactar o si no le importara contarme acerca de vosotros, estara encantada. Os dejo mi email: meseguer1988@hotmail.com P.D.: Siento no poder escribir en ingls, ya que no tengo el nivel suficiente. Saludos desde Espaa. Viva Espaa!! Viva NZ!!
Marta Maroto
Madrid, Spain : Monday, December 15, 2008
Kia ora my name is Julie Collier I married Richard Adrian Collier (jnr) son of Richard John Collier and Alison Sisley We have 4 Children and 1 on the way Crystal (20) Michael (18) Daniel (17) Robert (7) and Caleb who is due on the 4 Dec 2008. We also have a grandson 10 Months Klyjah Richard Manu Forlong. Please contact us on juliecollier86@yahoo.co.nz
Julie Karen Collier nee Willis
Paeroa, New Zealand : Sunday, November 30, 2008
Kia ora my name is Julie Collier I married Richard Adrian Collier (jnr) son of Richard John Collier and Alison Sisiley. We have 4 Children and 1 on the way Crystal (20) Michael (18) Daniel (17) Robert (7) and Caleb who is due on the 4 Dec 2008. We also have a grandson 10 Months Klyjah Richard Manu Forlong. Please contact us on juliecollier68@yahoo.co.nz
Julie Karen Collier nee Willis
Paeroa, New Zealand : Sunday, November 30, 2008
Hi my name is Maria I am wanting to learn my whakapapa, my grandparents names are Wikitoria Hori from matangirau and Apirehama Manuera from Otangaroa if anyone can give me anymore info that would be much apprechiated
Inglewood , New Zealand : Wednesday, September 24, 2008
for info on walsh i can be contacted on tallara_01@hotmail.com
mackay, Australia : Tuesday, August 19, 2008
i am trying to find info of our family tree on my dads side (tommy barry walsh) he has passed away.. if anyone has any info on walsh or john walsh, who i think was a grandfather but not sure how far back.
Mackay, Australia : Monday, August 18, 2008
i can be contacted at maidsto1@paradise.net.nz. marias parents were peti @ manuel lima. peti from manuel jose & tapita te herekaipuke. on other side;te auiti haenga parents were te raana haenga & apikara kahawai. te raana from arapeta te haenga & rawinia whakirangi. my kids have never met any of their maori whanau
lower hutt, New Zealand : Tuesday, August 05, 2008
i have 5 children, their grandfathers name is harry haenga, great grandfather riwai haenga, son of maria lima & te auiti haenga. any family info would be welcome
lower hutt, New Zealand : Tuesday, August 05, 2008
wow! what a wonderful site!! my name is ebony im 18yrs old& im half ozzy half maori. im trying to find info about my great grand parents.. Terere Poi who was from Tiki Tiki and my great grandmother Hoani nee Ngatoro who was from TeAraroa, they had three children my grandmother Irihapeti Poi she had a sister Pani and a brother Anzac. any info at all would be awsome!! thankyou all so much!! xx
melbourne, australia : Friday, August 01, 2008
It is a nice history that of Manuel Jose. He calls like to beside being Spanish. Excuse my translator's English. Regards from Spain
Manuel Jose Sanchez
Ecija, Spain : Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Came across this marvelous website when I was trying to trace Horowaitai Sophia Nelson on the internet. I am a 1st cousin 2 generations removed from her husband Edward Roland Jackson. If anyone is interested in tracing his ancestry you can contact me at rogerj@xtra.co.nz
Roger Jackson
Nelson, New Zealand : Thursday, July 10, 2008
Kia Ora Te Whanau man this web site is flash lol. Anyway i was raised by my nanny in opotiki Windy Hira her father is Joseph Haapu Manuel whos parents were Karaitiana and Sarah Cambel. Im interested in dabling in whakapapa and would love to get my hot lil hands on an olive branch book if any one knows how i can do this please please please contact me on Tuhoemadness@yahoo.com or check out my bebo page ManuellaA24 until then whanau be safe Love and Light to you all. Hope to hear from u soon Arohanui
Manuella Andersen
Hamilton, New Zealand : Monday, June 30, 2008
Kia Ora, My knowledge has only been limited to the Olive Branches book until I found this site. I have a lot of reading to do. We are from Tapita Te Herekaipuke and Manuel who had Elizabeth then married Manuel Lima, who then had Maria Lima who married Auiti Haenga, who had Lee who is my grandfather who is deceased. It's nice to fill in the gaps. kia ora ano.
Richard Haenga
Perth, New Zealand : Monday, June 23, 2008
My 17 yr old daughter Jalessa has whakapapa to John Henry McClutchie (shes never met him yes it is a long story) she is wanting to know her Ngati Porou whakapapa. What line do McClutchie whanau descend from?
Rachael Puru
Papakura, New Zealand : Friday, May 23, 2008
Looking for Steve Lewis. Can you please ring 06 8644819 (NZ) Need to find the Lewis whanau. Kia Ora
HUti Watson
Te Araroa, New Zealand : Saturday, May 17, 2008
Hi to everyone. I just stumbled on this site by typing 'wiremu kouka' into google search. Would anyone be able to help me with ancestry of Wiremu Kouka and his wife Ani Paku Taiapa, please. I have a list of their children but some of my details are not accurate, and I have few dates. My son is descendant of Wiremu on his fathers side. Thanks.
Lyn Ayre
Hamilton, New Zealand : Thursday, May 15, 2008
Kia Ora, My grandmother is Materoa Black (nee Manuel). Her parents were Karaitiana Manuel and Sarah Campbell. Can anyone tell me more about Sarah. I'd like to find her urupa and gather more information about her. As mother of 11 children, I believe there is much to learn about her life, but my searching is proving difficult and all I'm getting is silence. Any information will be worthwhile. Kia ora koutou
Eddie Rubick
Sydney, Australia : Saturday, April 12, 2008
My name is Anne-Marie Collier and have recently found this website while trying to trace my family tree. How exciting when I see a reference from 2003 by Waiana Collier mentioning my grandparents names....... Henry Tyler Richard Coller and Thelma Cecelia Collier. My parents are Roger and Colleen Collier. My father had brothers .... Paul, Dick (both deceased) and youngest Ted (Edward). His sisters Pat, Ann and Jean. As for Crystal Collier.....I think your dad could have been my uncle Dick (Richard) who separated from his first wife Kaye after having children Viki, Mark and Tony. I think he then went on to another relationship and had a daughter. He died approx age late 30's. I have 3 grown children and 5 grandchildren. If anyone wishes to contact me regarding whanau ...... my email address is ..... annemarie.collier@yahoo.co.nz
Anne-Marie Collier
Christchurch, New Zealand : Friday, March 28, 2008
kia ora again.. ijus realised u are looking 4 ur birth mother huia puhia-herangi.. imaybe i can help u if found out more about ur mother.. my grandad is a puhia as well as my dad.. my grand ad took the name of roma instead of keeping the puhia name.. i have no idea why but i guess thats jus how it is.. my great grandads name is te roma puhia so i think my grandad took his first name as our surname we have now.. it would be great 2 here from u and if u are still looking 4 ur birth mother i know some people who may be able to help out.. its jus a matter of gettin in touch with them.. i am currently living in sydney in australia.. if u would like to know more my phone number is 001161434301787... kiatupato@hotmail.com.. hopefully we are related.. it would be great 2 find out if u are..
tanekaha matiu roma
te kuiti, New Zealand : Tuesday, March 25, 2008
kia ora, i was looking up some of my family as well and came accross this.. i am trying 2 find conections to both sides of my family.. my mums side known as the gurnicks and my dads side known as the puhia's and the rangitaawa's please if u know of any lnks to how i can somehow reconection with some of my family i would love to recieve an email from any1 that can be of any help 2 me.. my email is kiatupato@hotmail.com.. thank you so much..
tanekaha matiu roma
te kuiti, New Zealand : Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Thanks you all so much for your aroha over the past few weeks. Just to update you: Dad is still in hospital, but making a good recovery. His doctors are pleased with his progress. The boys are all pretty much recovered, and just need to get some muscle back! We will be having a kawemate for Mum around mid-year. We will keep you posted on that. My apologies for the non-updating of this site. We'll get on to that too, I promise! We have so many great photos of the Fiesta that we need to share, so keep checking back :) Noho ora mai, Peggy
Peggy McConnell
Wellington, New Zealand : Wednesday, March 12, 2008
thank you so much
Cayle Collier
adelaide, australia : Sunday, March 02, 2008
Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. I would like to share with all the Manuel Jose whanau a letter of commiseration for Bob and Vivienne McConnell, their children and grand children that was sent to me from Puri Alvarez and David Pepperell of Pukerua Bay, Porirua, NZ. Dated 18th January 2008. It reads: Dear Douglas and the whole of the Jose family in Te Araroa, First of all, thanks for your call. It was very special to us that you took the trouble to let us know personally about the tragedy that is still taking place for the people of Te Araroa as a consequence of the accident where Bob, Vivienne and some of their grandchildren were involved. We are very sad that Vivienne's beautiful life ended so abruptly, especially when our very recent memories of her are so vivid and full of her energy, command, light and life... We are even more saddened by knowing that Bob is still in hospital, his future uncertain, and that one of the children is battling to recover... We do not have enough words to express our shock and sadness. Please, be reassured if that is of any help that we are together with you on this loss that although not so close to us as it is to you, it is also our loss. It is a loss also to those on the New Zealand Spanish community and also in Spain itself who came to know your community, this Jose family that has become a treasure to us all. I can say that in their name as well as in ours. We wish that the legacy of Vivienne continues on the future and that our families, that have just come together as a result of this incredible woman's efforts and persistence, continue celebrating the reunion that she and others made possible. Thus, as much as we mourn her loss, we celebrate her existence and the many gifts she showered all of us with. We are sending some information we had around about Asturias and Spain for the Jose's family collection. We do hope that someone else will carry the work that Vivienne started and that this amazing miracle that has already happened continues. We'll be with you in our spirit not in person when the time to say goodbye to Vivienne comes. Also we send our hope that the living survivors of the accident will still have the chance to live a healthy life despite the sadness of losing Vivienne. Please, pass on our deepest sympathy to all the Jose family and the Te Araroa community at large. A big hug to all of you from us, Puri and David
Douglas Michael Fox
South Auckland, New Zealand : Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Letter to follow
Douglas Michael Fox
South Auckland, New Zealand : Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Kia ora e te whanau whanui ko au te mokopuna o Faenza Ward kei te tuwhakaiti au hei mihi atu ki te whanau whanui mai nga hou e wha.
Cleo Te Ruruku
Ngaruawahia, New Zealand : Monday, February 04, 2008
The whole family of Manuel Jose Valverde-Majano of this very sad with the news of the death of Vivienne. We would like to express our sorrow and pain at all Panioras. Vivienne undoubtedly did much to the meeting of the panioras with his family Valverde. When I came to Valverde gave the book Olive Branches, will be certainly a gift that keeps always in my heart. We want the quick recovery of Bob and her grandchildren. We wish Bob and the entire family of Vivianne much strength to overcome their loss. Certainly from heaven will be happy to see the miracle of the encounter between New Zealand and Panioras Valverde. With much love. Aroanui. Santiago Garcia Ayuso. Valverde of Majano. Toda la familia de Manuel-Jose de Valverde del Majano esta muy triste con la noticia de la muerte de Vivienne. Queremos expresar nuestra pena y dolor a todos los Panioras. Sin duda Vivienne hizo mucho por el encuentro de los Panioras con su familia de Valverde. Cuando vinisteis en agosto a Valverde me regalasteis el libro Olive Branches. Sera un regalo que siempre guardare en mi corazon. Deseamos la rapida recuperacion de Bob y sus nietos. Deseamos a Bob y toda la familia de Vivianne mucha fuerza para superar su perdida. Sin duda desde el cielo sera feliz de ver el milagro del encuentro entre los Panioras de Nueva Zelanda y Valverde. Con mucho amor. Aroanui. Santiago Ayuso Garcia. Valverde del Majano.
Santiago Ayuso Garcia
Valverde del Majano, Spain : Saturday, January 19, 2008
"Kua hinga te kowhai whakamarumaru o nga paripari o Whetumaterau" The majestic kohai tree on the cliffs of Whetumaterau has fallen. The Manuel Jose whanau mourns the sudden passing away of one of its most active family member in Vivienne (Toodles) McConnell (Nee Hovell) Together with her husband Bob, they have been at the forefront of reseaching, compiling documents on our whakapapa and organising whanau reunions. Toodles has been a tower of strength for the whanau not only for the Manuel Jose whanau but also in her endless research into the whakapapa and history of our Hovell whanau. Our thoughts and deepest condolence goes out to Bob, their children and grand-children during this time of soul searching, deep sadness and immense lost. Toodles will be sadly missed at reunions and in particular in and around her papa-kaenga Te Araroa. Moe mai e kui, Moe mai i roto i o matua tupuna Rest in peace our respected elder, rest in peace with ancestors. Moe mai i roto i te Ariki, nana nei nga mea katoa Rest in peace with God, Author of everything.
George (Fox) Clarke
Sydney, Australia : Thursday, January 17, 2008
Kia Ora peggy, would you be able to tell me when more copies of OLIVE BRANCHES would be available. Im desperate to have one as this is what i have been looking for. I am also printed in the recent addition as Jacqueline Bryan. Ngawiki is my Great Grandmother. Please email me : destinygirl007@hotmail.com, or maybe leave a message here. Kia Ora
Jacqueline henare
Whangarei, New Zealand : Sunday, January 13, 2008
Kia Ora Jose Whanau, I am one of the members in this great known Whanau. Maraia Hopaia was one of Manual Jose's wives, who then went on to have Miriama, who then went on to have NGAWIKI WALKER, who then Married PATRICK RILEY, who then went on to have CISSY RILEY. How im connected is that CISSY RILEY is my grandmother and im her only grandaughter. My name is Jacqueline (Jackie) was a bryan as my grandfatherer was JACK BRYAN. Im trying to find out where i can purchase a copy of OLIVE BRANCHES as ive seen on the website they are sold out. Im just wandering if any Whanau can help me as i want to get a copy for my children so they know where there decendents had come from, its just so amazing how we all connect. My email address is destinygirl007@hotmail.com. Any information on how, or where i can get the book OLIVE BRANCHES would be fantastic. Ka Kite Whanau.
Jacqueline Henare
Whangarei, New Zealand : Sunday, January 13, 2008