2001 & 2002 archived news


11 December 2002 Tena koe
Ko Jasmine Taankink toku ingoa. Ko Kuini Horowai raua ko Johannus Taankink oku tipuna. On the 31st of August I gave birth to a baby boy and named him Whitipoho William Malakae Manaia Taankink. I think this website is awesome.
E noho ra
4 December 2002 Tena koe ano
Kia ora, I am the mother of three kiwara children looking for some links to their whanau. The family is decendant from Karipa and Hineihorahia via Piripi and Tame Kiwara perhaps they are relatives of Daisy Kiwara and therefore the Manuel Jose whanau. There grandfather was henry thomas kiwara and his brother was called china and they both were in the 28th maori battalion, if you can help please contact me louise.carse@xtra.co.nz
4 December 2002 Tena koe ano
Could I please put out a panui to all Manuel Lima (Lee) Haenga & Amiria Banks Children and Mokopuna's to contact me at jlynn_nz@hotmail.com or phone (06) 344 4431 regarding a reunion for all of Lee Haenga's issue from both marriages. You can also contact your uncle Dickie if you have his contact details as we are both working together to get this up and running. The reunion will be held at Labour Weekend in the year 2004 at Te Araroa by my mum Dolly. Kia Ora Lynn Haenga - Wanganui
3 September 2002 Kia ora Whanau
The whanau of the late Tom Noble (Tukotahi Herewaka) is taking his Kawemate to Rahui Marae, TikiTiki on Saturday, 28 September at 11.00 am. Friends and whanau are invited to attend this special occasion. A light lunch will follow. NAU MAI, HAERE MAI
Nicky Noble (daughter) Peti Lima/Manuel (mother) WELLINGTON
18 August 2002 Kia Ora to all the Manuel Jose Whanau
Just recently my stunningly beautiful aunty Pam (Hiroki) celebrated her 80th birthday at the Kaiti Hotel in Gisborne. She celebrated with approximately 80 whanau and friends. We had a wonderful time. Didn't get to bed until the wee hours of the morning! I have included a photo of aunty. I have also included a picture of my uncle taken at the party- aunty Pam's older brother Spencer Haenga who has just turned 90 years! What a milestone of an achievement! They are two of the four surviving children of Maria and Te Auiti Haenga's 11 children. Arohanui
Maria Wilson (Haenga)
12 August 2002 Tena Koutou Katoa
Ko Anne-(a) Haenga ahau. Kei te noho au ki Waikato. Ataahua ke nga wharangi nei, a e harikoa au ki te kitea etehi o nga pikitia me nga korero e pa ana ki a tatou nei whanau. Ko Hone Haenga toku papa, Ko Nopera toku tupuna, Ko Makarita raua ko Mita Haenga nga tupuna matua hoki. Ahua pouri ahau, na te mea kore au i rongo nga korero e hangai ana ki te reunion o 2000/2001. I korero mai a Mike Taiapa, ki te titiro ki runga i te rorohiko, mo enei wharangi. A e mohio ana ahau inaianei nga mea pai e pa ana ki a tatou nei whanau. I titiro au ki te wharangi whakapapa katahi i tirotiro au taku nei ingoa me nga ingoa o taku whanau, heoi ano kei a tokoono atu ingoa ka tapirihia i a tatou nei rakau whanau. Ko enei nga ingoa a taku nei iramutu - ko Reidon (15yrs), ratou ko Tylah (14yrs), ko David (12yrs), me Connor (2 1/2 yrs). Kei te noho ratou ki Tamaki Makaurau. Ko Hohepa (13yrs) raua ko Micah (11yrs) a taku nei tamariki. Ko enei etehi ano hua o Manuel Jose. Kei te mahi au ia ra mo tetahi ropu manaki tangata, ara ko te iwi social services, i Huntly. Ka haere a Hohepa raua ko Micah ki te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Rakaumangamanga. No konei taku whaea, a ko tena te tikanga a matou taku whanau nei noho i Waikato. I rongo au etehi korero na te mama a Mike Taiapa, e pa ana ki te tu tetahi ano whanau hui mo nga kakano o Manuel Jose. E harikoa au, ko te mea, kei te mohio au inaaianei ka tu ano tetahi whanau hui. Pai ki te korero ki a koutou, a pai marire koutou te whanau. na Anna
25 June 2002 Family news and pictures
My family had such a wonderful weekend. Nana Katae (Connie) came up with Uncle Doug, Aunty Linda, Aunty Ruth and her girls and some other aunties and uncle.

They came up on Friday Night, not knowing that it was my mums birthday (Nana Katae knew of course). Then had an unveiling at Awarua. Although the weather wasnąt too good, We still thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. And the kai was beautiful.

Shelley Wihongi
25 May 2002 Family news
kia ora whanau, my name is Connie Wihongi-Seia, I am Connie Katae's grand-daughter and namesake, and thought i'd send an update on what's happening with my own family, i will be attending a weekend festival, north of auckland in a little country place called awarua, along with my grandmother nana katae and others from TeAraroa. I will be looking forward to the weekend, and spoke to mum today, who said nana will be arriving on Friday afternoon. As my grandmother has passed down her talent of cooking to my mother, I am looking forward to mum's cooking and of course steam pudding, yummy, I, with my family live on Australia's Gold Coast in Queensland, it was really good seeing auntie linda at Christmas time while she was visiting the girls here. I have four children, there names are Orlando who is thirteen, he plays basketball, rugby league, rugby, club swimming and came first in the school for swimming competitions, and attended state swimming and came 2nd in all his events, chanel my daughter is eleven, she is our book-worm, so to speak, she loves school and is doing really well, she also plays club basketball, Constance is also named after nana katae she is the eldest of the twins, she loves school, and is doing very well in both academics and sports, teancum the younger of the twins is a boy, he loves school also, and like his twin is competitive when it comes to sports, at the moment I work at the Gold Coast Hospital, I am a registered nurse, and love my career, I work on an acute medical and renal ward, my husband price is a massage therapist/personal trainer/lifeguard, and is enjoying his job/s also, we very much enjoy the gold coast, the weather for one, even though it gets pretty hot summer-time, and enjoy the lifestyle also, well better close now, thought I'd just introduce myself and say hi to our whanau. Hello Toodles, is it too late to order a manuel jose book from you, and if possible could you give it to nana katae to bring with her up north next week, I will give her the money to give to you.......Ka kite ano........Connie
18 May 2002 Friends in high places?
If all goes well in the coming elections the Jose whanau could have three representatives in parliament. Parekura Horomia (Maria Haenga D1.2h) is already working for us, Janet Mackie (Karaitiana Manuel,E3.2w) is the hardworking MP for Mahia. And Janet's daughter, Moana, (E3.2.1) in number 41 on the Labour Party list. Moana is a bio-chemist who holds a post-graduate degree with first-class honours from Victoria University.
25 March 2002 Annual licence for Web site up on 5 May
It's been fun developing and maintaining this Web site over the past 10 months or so. The fee licence for the www.manueljose.org.nz domain name and our Web site hosting fee are due on the 5 May. If you want to keep this site on the air, email your committee and let them know.
25 March 2002 Hinerupe Marae opening - 10.00am Saturday 30th March (Easter Saturday)
It is almost six years since our beautiful old marae buildings burned to the ground on 13th April 1996, but this Saturday the new complex will be officially opened. Come along and show your support for your whanau and whanaunga.
18 January 2002 Kia ora ano,

Nga mihi o te Tau Hou kia koutou katoa.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your whanau. I worked through, however, I will go on leave for a whole month late May - June. My husband passed away on 5 June 2001 and his unveiling is at the whanau urupa, Hirangi Marae, Turangi, this Queens Birthday weekend (Arriving Friday evening - Departing Sunday). All whanau are welcome. We are expecting our Brother Bennett and son Hikurangi home from London for the unveiling.

PS It's great to see all the news from home and the messages in the Guest Book from whanau. Especially loved reading our Ngati Porou history the other day etc.... Tino atahua.

Thank you!

Noho ora mai i roto to koutou kainga maha. Ma te Atua tatou e manaaki e tiaaki i nga wa katoa.

Kataraina Rota
15 January 2002 Well it's all over bar the shouting and I think that may be continuing for quite a while because the whole fiesta was so enjoyable from beginning to end. I am sure lots of Jose minds are already thinking up ideas for the next gathering of the Whanau a Manuera. There was something for everyone. For some the cavalcade was the highlight, and it certainly was a spectacle with old and young taking part led by 90 year old Connie Katae in the gig followed by about fifty equestrians on their well-groomed mounts and behind them the float laden with cheering kids decked out in their finery. Others will say the presentation ball was top of the list. What a wonderful experience for those young ladies and their partners. And what fun the mothers must have had choosing and creating dresses. And everyone so dignified. What proud onlookers we all were. We mustn't forget those children and their Spanish dances. Congratulations, kids, you did well. Then there was the over seventies dinner with such attentive and skilled waitresses and wine waiters. And those table decorations!

Then there was the getting together. Every day and in every direction you saw groups talking and laughing together just renewing those bonds of whanautanga. Of course that's what it was all about and the presence of our newly-found relations from the North was a bonus.

Nor must we forget the ringa wera whose faces were hardly seen because they were working in the background making the whole gathering a success. These are just some of my thoughts. I would like to hear yours. Ole Jose!
1 January 2002 Well the reunion/fiesta was a success! Click here to read the Gisborne Herald article on the reunion. Pictures will follow on the Reunions page as they become available

1 December 2001 Click on the image links to see photos from the recent trip to Brazil.

Photo1: Doug Katae, Bill Rickard, Karen Poi, and Aileen Bell with host Delamar Correa. Note the small brass plaque below the large one. This is a specially worded plaque that was hoped to have been attached to a seat the family would buy for the play area in front of the historic Copella. However no seat was available so the plaque was placed below that explaining the Copella's history. The inscription reads "Donated by the Lima family of New Zealand".

Photo2: The travelling group standing in the doorway of the family Copella "De Nossa Senhora Conciecao" at Tahim on the edge of the pampa by by the lake Lagoa Mirim.
4 October 2001 We are close to posting the next generation of José's onto the Web site. We are up to Harry Goldsmith's line. That's 254 Excel spread sheets and counting. Have a look at Apirana Paku to get an idea of what we are doing with the next generation.
4 October 2001 86 days to go and the spuds have been planted for the reunion. There was a good gathering of workers and "supervisors" (the pakeke). The newly-formed rows stretching away down the paddock looked really promising and we were reminded of the Horouta canoe unloading it cargo of kumara in the Waiapu valley. The sun shone and the moon was waxing towards rakaunui so all looks right for a good harvest in ninety days' time. The potatoes in the ground, Big John mustered old and young into his whanau's wonderful kauta where food in plenty awaited workers and non-workers.

A wonderful thing about our Manuel Jose family is that they make even an ordinary happening like planting spuds into a memorable occasion. We were reminded of 1980 when Juliana Rickard was there in a supervising role. She is long gone but another generation of supervisors is taking her place.

Prince Charles says that to get best results you must talk to your vegetables. I think there's something in that so wherever you are send a little mental message of encouragement to our potato garden at Rangitukia.
4 September 2001 Today's Herald tells us that the singer of the National Anthem before the big match in Sydney on Saturday was Kay Gordon. Kaye a daughter of Nan Gordon of Gisborne and is a great grandaughter of Peti Te Pu. Kaye, who has lived in Australia for twenty years, is launching her international career with a song called Just Like You, which is against cruelty to animals.

Welcome to our newest Jose, Faith Whaitiri born on 18 August. A descendant of Margaret Peachey.
29 August 2001 Bill Rickard, Aileen Bell, Rito and Glennis Rickard, Ethel Goldsmith, Marilyn Nalder, Doug Katae, Rex Rickard, Scarlett Poi, Anne and Sid Kershaw, Josephine Kalan, Rrthur Rangihuna, Frances Rangihuna, Karen Pohe and children Kyoko, Naiki and John Paul, Anne Maaka, William Rickard Jnr and fiancee, Dianne Morell.

If you are wondering what these Josés are up to, they are touring Brazil. They flew out from Auckland on Sunday 26 and will return on 25 September. Their itinerary is an exciting one.

Landing in Buenos Aires in Argentina they fly to Rio de Janeiro, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. From Rio they fly to the Iguazu Falls on the Brazil-Paraguay border. A huge leap on September 1st takes them across the vast inland of Brazil to the heart of the Amazon jungle and the city of Manaus with its famous opera house. From there they visit the mining state of Minas Gerais where they will spend several days renewing acquaintances with friends and visiting tourist spots.

Another leap takes them to Florianopolis a beautiful island city off the coast of Catarina State. From there it is on to Rio Grande do Sul the Correa/Lima homeland. Here they will present family photographs and documents to the museum of the Mother Church of Sao Pedro. Several days family business and touring will include the spectacular Gaucho Parade and a visit to the Capella at Tahim where they will present a seat and suitably inscribed metal plaque to the tourist park there. Nearby is the vast ecological reserve, the Banhado do Tahim with its capibaras and myriad bird life including flocks of pink flamingos.

From nearby Pelotis they will bus to Montevideo in Uruguay. Then it's hydroplane to Buenos Aires to catch a Qantas flight in the early hours of Monday 24 September bound for Auckland and home!
9 August 2001 Congratulations to Aunty Ethel Tawhiri, 92 today!
17 July 2001 The family celebrates 90th birthday milestone, 7 July 2001
Months of planning came to fruition last week when Mrs Constance Katae, Te Araroa's oldest resident celebrated her ninetieth birthday at Matahi o te Tau marae, Horoera.

Planning was done by Mrs Katae herself and was evidence of her more than forty years as a teacher in the community and the large gathering of relations spent an evening that they will long remember. On her arrival onto the marae accompanied by her nephew, Lou Tangaere, Mrs Katae was challenged by a wero performed by her grandchildren.

Inside Tokorarangi dining hall, a capacity gathering feasted liberally and a number of speakers paid tribute to the 90 year old and the service she had given during her long life to family and community Dancing followed to music provided by her Hovell relations and others. lthe highlight of the evening was the programme of singing and drama provided by her talented grandchildren from Kaikohe and Wairoa which included a tabloid of their grandmother's long life from birth to her present status of respected pakeke.

A lavish supper was enjoyed by all and it was only reluctantly that Mrs Katae's guests took their leave all agreeing that it has been the best ever evening.
17 July 2001 Death of a whanau member, 8 July 2001
Many came to Matahi marae to the tangi for one of the Jose whanau, Kaa Collier. Kaa who was much loved and respected by all who knew her had suffered a long period of sickness. She is survived by Winnie, Jason, Victor, Christine and Kohi.
17 July 2001 Houdini Horouta stay alive A LAST-kick penalty miss by Terrin Brown ended a courageous Wairoa Celtic’s hopes of winning the Lee Brothers Shield in their first season in the Poverty Bay premier championship.
10 July 2001 Details of Kaikohe meeting, 11 June, for the Travelling Road Show can be found below.
7 July 2001 Click here to view statistics of the usage of the Web site for the month of June - Worldwide.
7 July 2001 One of the José descendants, 4th generation, Connie Katae will be celebrating her 90th birthday this coming saturday at Matahi-O-Te-Tau Marae at 2pm.
2-10 July 2001 Manuel Jose committee members on travelling road show
John Manuel (Chairman) , Matiria Manuel (secretary), and Bill Rickard are currently touring the North Island to drum up support for the 2001 reunion.

They will be holding meetings in the following locations:
  • Napier, Pahiatua, Masterton - July 2/6
  • Hutt Valley and Wainuiomata - July 3
  • Wellington - July 5 at Naenai College Marae, 7pm. Contact John Manuel for details. ph 04 971 1001.
  • Kawerau - July 8. Contact Ben Rickard for details. ph 07 323 7204
  • Hamilton - July 9. Contact Betty Wilcox for details.
  • Auckland - July 10 at 7pm at Maori Anglican Church Hall in Khyber Pass. Hall behind the church. Contact Charlie Manuel for details.
  • Kaikohe - July 11 at 6pm at the home of Blossom and Wallace Wihongi, 62 Hillcrest Rd. All welcome. ph 09 401 2023
27 June 2001 Congratulations to Thomas Taingahue (Marara Taingahue, D5) who joins Wallace Wihongi as a Justice of the Peace. Thomas is just awaiting the final formalities before he can begin to practice.
23 June 2001 Talented young speakers urged to share knowledge. Puna Manuel of Manutahi school competing at Ilminster Intermediate in the finals of the Freemasons of New Zealand Cancer Society Smokefree Schools Speech Contest won the Form 2 English section. The subject of her speech was "Clear the Air".
21 June 2001 New creche opens in Gisborne
Pam (nee Haenaga) and Steve Keil are opening their own creche in Gisborne. It takes 25 children. "Just a quick note to say that we have got our licence and are planning to open next week I think Tuesday the 26th June Our centre's name is The Mustard Seed Child Care & Learning Centre or TE KAKANO MAHITETE in Maori"
20 June 2001 Site Statistics
As of today:
  • 16,637 accesses of the site since launch on 5 May
  • Site consists of 67 pages, 145 images, and 3 programs
  • 10 people are registered with the site and are now included in our Manuel José email address list for notification of site updates
  • People have accessed the site from around the globe including Brazil, Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, The Netherlands, Germany, and Austria
20 June 2001 Sleepover at Rahui Marae
The planned live-in at Rahui marae has been cancelled but there will be the normal meeting at 11 a.m. on Sunday 24th.
20 June 2001 Wallace Wihongi
Congratulations to Wallace Wihongi who has recently been sworn in as a Justice of the Peace. Wallace has recently figured on Te Karere as a leader in the campaign to clean up Lake Omapere. We wish him and his supporters success.
10 June 2001 Rahui marae
Those returning after a few years away from Tikitiki will find a few changes at Rahui marae. The front entrance is now from Rangitukia road and when you arrive you see the front of the wharenui, Rongomaianiwaniwa. The wharenui itself had had a facelift and the carvings on the maihi now show out in their uniqueness. There is now a kohanga reo where the marquee for the 1991 Reunion was pitched, but there is still plenty of space for the 2001 marquee.
9 June 2001 The family is saddened by the death of Duncan MacIntyre, the former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Maori Affairs. Mr MacIntyre attended our first reunion in 1980. Click below for news items
6 June 2001 Commemoration of the centenary of the birth of Pine Taiapa
Last Wednesday was a significant day in the history of Rahui marae, Tikitiki, when hundreds gathered there to commemorate the birth one hundred years ago of the master carver, Pine Taiapa. Representatives from many tribal areas came to eulogise a man to whom far too little recognition was granted while he was living. Waikato. Arawa, Whakatohea, Rongowhakaata and others paid tribute in whaikorero and waiata to the man whose legacy is to be seen on scores of marae throughout Aotearoa. There was a delegation from the Carving school in Rotorua and there was, of course, a large presence of Ngati Porou. Koro Dewes of the tangata paepae was in his best form and the standard he set was emulated by visiting elders with waiata of a similar high standard so that those who listened were treated to a feast of Maori protocol.

The marae proceedings were followed by a special memorial service in the beautiful St Mary's church where eulogies were delivered by Api Mahuika. Jacob Karaka, Tom Te Maro, Bob McConnell and Lloyd Lawson who recalled their own particular association with the great carver.
29 May 2001 Magnificent GBHS start Super Eight in fine style. - Gisborne Herald - (Spot Colin Hovell in front!)
29 May 2001 Message from Vivienne McConnell that sales of the "Ole José" and "Olive Branches" books have really picked up since being listed on this site. Be in quick to purchase them.

Anyone who has Reunion fund raising items to sell may list them on this site free of charge. Contact either the Committee or the Webmasters
23 May 2001 Dick Collier from Omarumutu had his 91st birthday. Bob McConnell presented him with one of his books "Nga Taonga Tuku Iho." Someone had taken his 91st birthday cake to his home the day before. It probably was one of his daughters-in-law. Congratulations Dick.
May 2001 A José whanau member has passed away. He was William Ackroyd, known as Bill. He was the son of Walter & Ellen and the mokopuna of the late Victor & Honor Rickard.
May 2001 Lorraine Kohere passed away. She was the kuia morehu of East Cape,
30 April 2001 Planning under way for festival of the decade - Gisborne Herald