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25 November 2007Fiesta News
Preparations took another step ahead yesterday with a meeting at Te Araroa at which it became clear that interest is increasing. Posters have appeared in the coast townships and word of mouth is doing its bit.Topics discussed at the meeting included training for the presentees at the Spanish Ball, Running of the Bull (local version) a pleasing Bank Balance from the last Jose Reunion,. Those attending the ball are urged to get in touch with Jackie Newton, phone 06-8644819, also candidates for Presentation at the Ball. You don't have to be a Jose to be presented. The whole fiesta is open to all and it is hoped that it will become an annual event. There is a campervan park available on the East Cape road at Parera station. as well as the local MOtr Calmp, Sunrise Motor Camp, Back Packers at Hicks Bay and Hicks Bay Motel. There is Farm Stay at Rangitukia And there is also accommodation at Hinerupe marae. There will be kapa haka entertainment at the Domain.. There had been a worry because the Jose flag had gone missing. Don't worry it turned up safely at Ohinewaiapu marae. Spaniards living in Wellington are mustering to attend the fiesta. DVDs of the Documentary "Beneath Your Feet" are available and will be on sale at the fiesta. Some of the whanau are becoming expert at dancing the "Sevilliana", a Spanish Gypsy dance. They will show their skills at the Ball. Don't forget to contact Jackie for tickets. There will be no door sales. To set jup a stall at the Domain costs $20. Food stalls will be important. There will be a haangi. We meet again at HInepare marae on 8th December.
Bob McConnell - Te Araroa - NZ
23 October 2007Return from Spain
Kiora e te whanau a Manuera Jose, Just waiting for my flight out of KL for Sydney after a long flight from Madrid via Amsterdam. The wedding of Carlos and Olivia was different and fantastic. The protocols unique and the food was unusual but delicious. The Traditional leg of pork was as usual the highlight. The 300 odd guest who attended were all so friendly and keen to learn more about these Paniora's from down under. Our table was well flagged with the name PANIORA. Stella and I sat with our cousins whom we met during our August 2007 visit. Carlos and Olivia (The newly weds) would be in New Zealand by now and hopefully the weather there would be kind to them. Hopefully they would have met up with some of their primos (cousins) by now. Especially Hosephine in Auckland. My last day in Madrid was with Primo Pedro. One of the best primos I've ever met. A straight shooter who holds nothing back. (John Wayne Type) We had an interpreter invited from his office with us. Stella seems to think Pedro and I have the same attributes. Loud when we talk, enjoy a good joke and prefers clowning around. It was not until I spent the last day alone with Pedro and the interpreter before I recognised more stunning similarities. He often forgets where he parks his car, (took us a while to find it) He regularly drives in the wrong lane, claiming the arrows were painted pointing in the wrong direction. And depends totally on his wife to survive. Thats very much like me. Don't argue with him when out shopping. I keep questioning him why he refuse to let me pay for the things I want to Buy. Snatching it off me and paying for them. With a voice of authority he would replied through the interpreter. "Tell him to shut up! He is my primo, I am older than him, I can tell him what to do. Thats my primo Pedro for you. Hope to meet up with him and the other primos in Valencia April 2008. Ka kite ano. George
George Fox (Clarke) - Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
07 September 2007Our trip to Spain
Kia ora, A friend of John's (my partner) sent this email to their friends in their office while we were over in Spain.The town of Valverde del Majano, near the city of Segovia, rolled out the red carpet for them! The NZ Ambassador to Spain, Geoff Ward, and some other members of the diplomatic staff, joined in the welcome.

From the story on the web site, I gather that the Spanish ancestry goes back to one Manuel Frutos Huerta who either emigrated from the locality 175 years ago, or was born there 175 years ago. The story says both things! In the speech given by the Kaumatua, George Clark, the ancestor is referred to as "Manuel Josť", so there seem to be two different names as well...!

Apparently he went out to South America as a whaler but eventually came to New Zealand where he settled and married and has some 16,000 descendants traceable back to him. Wow!

The ceremonies started in the Hotel Corregidor in Segovia and then continued in the main square (Plaza Mayor) of Valverde del Majano. Looking at a brief history of the place it only really dates back to the 12th century as a known location, although some pre-historic remains have been found near the river bed.

In the 1850s, around the time when this ancestor would have left the village, the area was and continued to be very poor. The population in 1910 was 1119.The Civil War from 1936 to 1939 did not spare Valverde, and some unpleasant events took place.The population continued to decline because the rural exodus of the 1950s and 1960s, but it stabilized around 600 in the 1980s and has obviously been rising since then, given that it now has an "industrial zone".From the various photos on the site it is clearly very rural and agricultural, and very friendly!
Maria Wilson - Wellington - New Zealand
21 August 2007Manuel Jose Reunion on Telemadrid
Yes I am finally part of the YouTube revolution. Copy and paste this link in to your web browser. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLQ5rZmXx8w This is the Telemadrid Interview of the Manuel Jose Reunion.
Brad (Fox) Clarke - London - England
21 August 2007Spanish TV
Hello I am a descendant of Manuel Jose living in London.Brad (Fox) Clarke is my name and I am the son of George (Fox) Clarke.My grand mother is the Great Grand Daughter of Manuel Jose. I have this copy of the News that was on the day after our arrival in Segovia. I attended the reunion and have many photo's. I have attached a copy of the News that was aired on TeleMadrid in Spain. Unfortunately it is all in Spanish. You will see me in parts of the footage. I am the Camera guy in the Light Blue Shirt and White Shorts. Please let me know that you receive this ok and if you would like for me to send through some photo's. I took around several photo's of the opening night and the welcoming. We are putting this along with photo's on to our website www.porahu.com
Hope to hear from you soon.
Brad Clarke - London - England
21 August 2007News item
Dear Manuel Jose Family
I was in NZ in 2002 and Agustin Yague told me about your story. I am Spanish (from Castilla) and when I read the attached article in a newspaper for Spaniards who live outside Spain - Castilla y Leon Exterior- I thought you might be interested in including it in your webpage.
Castilla Article - 117k
Miguel Vivanco - Valverde - Spain
17 August 2007Barry Collier's 70th Birthday
We are holding a 70th birthday party for dad on the 07th October. Any family that would like to join us can email me on spdip@xtra.co.nz - Please put something about Barry's 70th in the subject line.
Trisha Diprose - Cambridge - New Zealand
09 July 2007Nati Spring Fling, Melbourne, September 2007 - POSTPONED
Kia ora whanau, the Nati Spring Fling will be held in Dandenong, Melbourne on Saturday, 8 September. This event continues on from the two previous Ngati Porou Harbour Cruises held in Sydney, NSW in 2005 and 2006. For further information email natispringfling@nanaia.com or contact Georgina, Melbourne, Australia (03)8790.2241 or mobile 041.9626.150. No door sales. Regards to all, Georgina
Nati Spring Fling Flyer - 91k
Nati Spring Fling Information Sheet - 195k

Georgina Brown - Melbourne - Australia
04 July 2007Adding to whakapapa
Can someone please tell me how to add my whanau to the whakapapa links?
Gaylene Manuel - Paraparaumu - New Zealand
28 February 2007NGATI POROU BALL
September 2007, Melbourne, Australia. To register your interest email: georgina.l.brown@bigpond.com or henrietta.raroa@nanaia.com.
Georgina Brown - Melbourne - Australia