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Reference Ole Jose book.
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Regional Representatives
International Representatives
FORMAT for recording whakapapa data

Manuel Jose Regional Representatives

Name Region Email Contact Details
Shelley Wihongi Northland
Keith Clark Auckland
Central Nth Island
Winifred Kiddle Hawkes Bay
Hine Kohn Wairoa
Maria Viseur Wellington
Nelson/West Coast
Jose Tuhoro Canterbury (Christchurch)
Otago (Dunedin)
Walton Goldsmith Southland (Invercargill)
Other – Cities

Manuel Jose International Representatives

Name Region Email Contact Details
George Clarke-Fox Ambassador-at-Large
Australia (states)
Doris Sadlier-Horomia Brisbane
Michelle Hawea Perth
Central / Eastern Europe (Countries)
Monica Garcia Spain
Eva Garcia Germany
Douglas Cameron Denmark
UK (Countries)
North America
Canada / USA (Provinces / States)
Debora Hovell Alabama
Donald Don Ramon Cameron South America (Countries)
Asia Pacific Region (Countries)

FORMAT for recording whakapapa data


EVERY infant/child/adult from a Jose (that we have information for) WILL BE RECORDED



RULES: For recording Jose whakapapa data.


PRINT    Use Black colour.

FONT     Times New Roman, 12 font


One line per person

Descending order (Eldest to youngest)

Mahanga/Twins (Eldest to youngest) e.g. H3.3 (twin) female

H3.4 (twin) male

Identify Gender of each whakapapa name Entry, record gender after Code, e.g. H3.1 female (This is essential as some names are “Gender Neutral” – i.e. we don’t know if they are a male or female, e.g. Rangi;  Moana; Pharon; Te Rahui; Vinson; Ashleigh; Kotuku; Chael; Xavier


Give surname in capitals first      e.g.  FRIENDSHIP,

Give all Christian names next in lower case     e.g. MANUEL, Happy Days    H3.1 female

Give Nicknames/known as names in double quotes e.g. “Smiley”, “Cheers” “Haps”

e.g. MANUEL, Happy Days, “Smiley”, “Cheers”, “Haps” H3.1 female


LEGALLY ADOPTED write (ad) after Christian name;

e.g. MANUEL, Faenza (ad), “Enza”  H3.2 male


DIED WITHOUT CHILDREN write (dni) after their name;

e.g.  JOHNSON, Henry Mark (dni)  D4.3.1 male


WHANGAI IN (from a Jose whanau to a Jose whanau) identify the code) e.g.

WAITARA, Hemi, whangai male from Maria Haenga B, B3.2.4.1   (this Code identifies the Whanau he has come from and would have been Hemi Waitara code in his Birth whanau and his position as #1 child in that whanau)

WHANGAI OUT (from a Jose to a Jose)

WAITARA, Hemi, whangai male to Joseph Lima A, A1. (this Code identifies the new Whanau he has gone to and his position as #3 child in that whanau.

WAITARA, Hemi wha. In. from Maria Haenga B, B3.2.4.1     to     A1.

WAITARA, Hemi wha. Out to  Joseph Lima A, A1.    from  B3.2.4.1


This information is Essential at Data Entry for CROSS-REFERENCING across whanau in one of Manuel Jose’s “wives” OR across from One Wife to a whanau in one of the Other “Wives”.


The genealogy programme on entering Hemi WAITARA data will Flag his name in one family (asking if he is a new person or should remain with his Flagged family as this name is being repeated.  It is at this point Waitara, Hemi is LEFT with his Birth Whanau (NB: A NOTE is left with his Birth name saying where he has gone to, who his Whangai parents etc are, perhaps the name he may NOW BE “known as”) and can be put into the whakapapa with his Whangai whanau.  It is at this point also, that his new Whangai Whanau SURNAME  is used.(NB: A NOTE is left under his new Name/Whanau saying which Whanau he came from and his birth parents etc, and the name he WAS “known as”, if applicable.)



Mothers of Jose’s who are married to Jose MEN, please record your Maiden name in Brackets and, if relevant, your Wife number.

Record your offspring legitimately attributed to that marriage/partnership, i.e. their Jose Toto prevails/triumphs.


Record birth parent/s, (Spousal connection) to Jose offspring who share common parentage within one/same family, AND

Attribute the offspring/s and their respective non Jose parent in their sequential and group order.

Put one line space between each group order. (This helps data enterers and saves time).

(Note: this Format applies to both Jose fathers and Jose mothers)



MANUEL, Juan Carlos                                 D2

MANUEL, Jane (Phillips)                            D2(w1)

MANUEL, Juanita                                         D2.1 female

MANUEL, Hone                                             D2.2 male

MANUEL, Cheryl (Jax)                                D2(w2)

MANUEL, Rayleen                                        D2.3 female

BROOKE, Sharon                                          D2(w3)

MANUEL, Pita, “Pedro”                               D2.4 male



MANUEL, Melissa Mary                              H3

UPSTON, Jeffrey                                           H3(h1)

UPSTON, Constance                                     H3.1 female

UPSTON, Frederick                                       H3.2 male

BLACK, Kenneth                                            H3(h2)

BLACK, Julian                                                H3.3 male

BLACK, Felicity                                              H3.4 female

BLACK, Samantha Melissa “Melly”           H3.5 female

JOHNSON, Jason “Jono”                            H3(h3)

JOHNSON, Nikita Aroha “Kita”                 H3.6 female



The purpose of this is to clearly identify which of the children in the family DO NOT have Manuel Jose toto and who do within the blended family.

OPTIONS ARE: (Choose which is appropriate)

DREYFUSE, Carlos Tiare                            B

DREYFUSE, Serina (Cabot)                        Bw

CABOT, Felix                                                  B1 male

DREYFUSE, Charles                                     B2 male

DREYFUSE, Marianne                                 B3 female

DREYFUSE, Anne                                         B4 female

(This e.g. shows Serina Cabot came to the Jose relationship and identifies her child is not a Jose descendant but is still an integral member of this whanau) and (this e.g. shows Serina is a Madre/Mother of Jose children and all these children HAVE/SHARE the same mother) and are a whanau.


DREYFUSE, Carlos Tiare                            B

DREYFUSE, Serina (Cabot)                        Bw

DREYFUSE, Felix                                          B1 male (is not a Jose descendant)

DREYFUSE, Charles                                     B2 male

DREYFUSE, Marianne                                 B3 female

DREYFUSE, Anne                                          B4 female

Identify/write which offspring/s came to the whanau who donot have Jose toto, although they carry the whanau name of a Jose descendent/progenitor.


MANUEL, Christopher Jason                      C

BROWNLEE, Jacob Christopher, “Jake”  C1

MANUEL, Louise (Kemp)                            Cw

MANUEL, Anahera “Angel”                         C2 female

MANUEL, Pineamine Henare                     C3 male

MANUEL, Catherine Rose “Kat”                 C3 female

Identifies Christopher Jason as father of Jacob (Jose descendant thru his father), Jacob’s has an unidentified mother, AND Jacob carries his “birthmother’s family name” and Louise & Christopher Jason as parents of Jose descendants (Jacob’s siblings) in this Jose whanau.


MANUEL, James Henry                               D

FARADAY, Michaela                                     D1 female

GOOD, Henrietta                                           D2 female

REWETI, Jordan                                            D3 male

MANUEL, Elenor “Ellie” (Jones)                Dw1

JURY, Jennifer  ***                                        D4 female

MANUEL,  Hemi Henare                              D5 male

MANUEL, Hone                                              D6 male


Identifies children D1, D2, D3, are blood children of D who do not carry his name, and they have unidentified mothers; D4 is not his, but Ellie’s; D5-D6 are his and Ellie’s.


(The descendants of James Henry may not live with him (in his family group) but are legitimately thru toto, his children).


Put one line space between each group order. (This helps data enterers and saves time).

(Note: this Format applies to both Jose fathers and Jose mothers).



MANUEL, Peti “Betty”, “Miha”                   C  female

NOBLE, Thomas Herewaka, “Tino”           Ch  male

NOBLE, Edda Phyllis “Beena”                     C1 female

NOBLE, Wiremu, “Boy”                                C2 male

NOBLE, Helga “Nicky”                                  C3 female

NOBLE, Catherine, “Kathy”                         C4 (mahanga) female

NOBLE, Christina, “Chrissy”                       C5 (mahanga) female



NOBLE, Edda Phyllis “Beena”                     C1 female

McCABE, Francis                                            C1h male

McCABE, Thomas Herewaka                       C1.1 male

NOBLE, Wiremu, “Boy”                                C2 male

NOBLE, Rosa (Davies)                                  C2w female

NOBLE,  Rebecca “Peka”                              C2.1 (mahanga) female

NOBLE,  Puia                                                  C2.2 (mahanga) female

NOBLE, Timoti June                                     C2.3 male

NOBLE, Catherine “Kathy”                           C4 (mahanga) female

WAAKA, Wilson                                              C4h male

WAAKA, Piritata                                             C4.1 male

WAAKA, Rangi                                                C4.2 female (Rangi an e.g. of Gender neutral name)



NOBLE, Puia                                                   C2.2 (mahanga) female

NOBLE, Ripeka Puia                                      C2.2.1 female

NOBLE, Timoti June                                     C2.3 male

NOBLE, Jazmine (Williams)                        C2.3w female

NOBLE, Moana                                               C2.3.1 male (Gender neutral name)

NOBLE,  Whetumarama (dni)                     C2.3.2 female (Gender neutral name)


IF a Jose is in a legally married relationship and there are no children born from their marriage they will be recorded in the whakapapa, identifying as a “married” couple.

IF a Jose is in a relationship without a legally married status and no children are born from their relationship – only the Jose descendant will be recorded in the whakapapa.


Once, all the data for each of Manuel Jose’s wives has been collected and checked the wives data bases will be joined to form ONE Manuel Jose Whakapapa data base.